Monday, December 21, 2009

National Animal of India - Tiger or Mouse

Let me share a small even that happened around 16 years back.

It was a sunday afternoon in the month of November in Delhi. Me, Geeta and Upasana were going to Pragati Maidan in a auto-rickshaw. We were enjoying the  chilly winter after noon with a warm Sun and a pollution free area of Delhi Cantt.  All of us were looking forward to fun and care free enjoyment at Pragati Maidan.

And then we saw a bicycle rider suddenly turning to right and a fast moving truck applying brakes.  Truck had hit the bicycle rider and then hit a tree on central verge. Both truck driver and cycle driver were badly hurt but conscious.

People stopped and watched the accident scene but no body offered any help to the accident victims. I with the help of auto-rickshaw driver moved them to the vehicle we were traveling in  (that is auto-rickshaw) and asked Geeta to move to Pragati Maidan along with Upasana and we went to near by army base hospital.

After some time,  Geeta and Upasana also reached Base Hospital courtesy another good samaritan. We moved out after giving our name and address and feeling happy.

Few days later, an army major visited us to thank us as the bicycle rider was a army jawan.

Almost every one with whom we shared this incident advised me not to help accident victims. The logic of well-wishers was simple - it is a bad world, your daughter and wife need protection and care.

My logic was also simple - I want my daughter to be a TIGER and not a MOUSE. And they only way is to be TIGER myself. 

Since then, every time I see an accident victim, I stop and help to best of my resources. My well wishers keep telling me not to do it.

So What has been your experience. Do you find people around you take the role of TIGER or MOUSE when faced with a crisis. Share your views.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Rcoket Singh - A good story from Director of "CHAK DE INDIA"

On Tuesday Dec 15th,2009, all seven team members of GVC-NOIDA  went for a morning show for  Rocket Singh - Salesman of the year at Spice Mall, Noida and then a quick lunch at food court.

Rocket Singh is a movie based on IT office and performance of average people with ordinary skills and creating extraordinary results.

We choose Rocket Singh for various reasons including the fact that it was from the director of CHAK DE INDIA and it conveyed that doing sales is not a rocket science.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My visit to Indian Agriculture Research Institute and Agri-mach 2009

Today I visited IARI, met Dr Pramod, Dr Saxena and Mr Sharma from IARI. They are setting up an incubator at IARI, Pusa premises.

It is really nice that Govt organisation are now realising that wealth and business and development can be created only by entrepreneurs who take risk and also that entrepreneurs need to be supported.

IARI is now looking for few entrepreneurs who can set up their office within IARI premises, get all support like admin staff, fax, furniture, electricity, power back up, parking place, a good library, access to students and qualified and competent faculty and a good networking opportunities and then a nice place next to a metro station.

Checkout their website inviting entrepreneurs 

I also visited the exhibition at IARI premises. There were so many foreign companies who were selling expenses instruments for farms and field. Electronics is widely used in all developed countries to boost their agriculture output.

Now we are also looking to be a part of growing field of agri-electronics.

Will be meeting IARI people again on 15th December.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

First Impact of Brain Science Program

During the seminar, I learned that our future actions are based on results of past actions.

I could see that in the past I managed to get results even when I was not punctual or did not do complete work in my office. The reason is that almost all of people in our life do not confront when we lie. (popularly known as diplomacy).

This results in poor efficiency / productivity as we also tend to accept their lies.

So our seminar leader gave us some exercises (home work) and result was that I managed to double up the work last week. My team (and one customer) was really impressed.

Stay tuned. I will be posting more results from this seminar.

Brain Science and its importance in our life

I have joined a 10 week long seminar talking about brain science and design of our life. I have already attended sessions for 2 weeks and 8 more are to go.

During the seminar, we are taught about AMYGDALA, a part of the brain that hijacks your body when you face a threatening situation. (read  more on wikipedia). Fox example when you touch a hot surface or some one comes in front of your car while driving, this parts ensures you take quick action.

NEURONS, there are billions of them and they are ones who perform complex job like looking at face of some one and identifying his as your old buddy or even looking at small child and quickly identifying with some one know to you.

This knowledge is used by psychologist and psychiatrists / doctors for treatment of patients.

For me (and other 80 persons who are with me in this group) this seminar is to increase knowledge and create more fun, efficiency, productivity and health  in life.

Stay tuned and I will be sharing some benefits on this blog.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who is a coach - watch this video to know

A coach is some one who asks you to do some thing that you do not want to do so that you can be what you want to be.

Write back your comments about what you learned from this movie clip and why you love or hate this clip.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


On Oct 20th, ET Now covered GVC Systems products and a small interview with me in its program called STARTING UP.

click on you tube

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Meeting scientists from Agriculture Institute

Yesterday two scientists from IARI visited our incubator from IARI.

Mr J P Saxena, principal scientist and incharge for Institute Technology Management Unit and Dr Pramod Kumar ,Senior Scientist and PI(Zonal Technology Management and Business Planning and Developement Unit).

They saw the various products designed by GVC related to Delhi Metro, Traffic Lights, Home white goods and security products. We also discussed with them about a design started by GVC for agriculture irrigation.

We also discussed about our interest in developing electronic controllers for Agriculture Field and a visit to IARI was fixed for next week beginning.

So very soon, you will see a GVC designed products in farms and villages.

So stay tuned and keep observing what's new at GVC

Sunday, October 4, 2009

meeting entreprenuers over dinner

We invited Rashmi (co-founder Abhyas labs) and Piyush (co-founder Routeguru) for dinner this week end.

Rashmi is a student of final year B Tech Electronics from Lovely Professional University. Still she is full of ideas on how to set up an entreprise and guts and courage to go ahead and start Abhyaslabs. As part of abhyas labs, she is organising training events at various colleges. I met Rashmi during SLD3 (Startup Lunch Delhi 3).

Piyush is an entrepreneur and has been working on a wonderful concept of providing directions via SMS and Web (mobile as well as from PCs). He is a good speaker and when he deliveres a talk on stage, you can't do any thing but to listen to him with full attention, He can speak for hours on entrepreneurship, why to join startups or webdesigning and every one in the audi will be impressed with his knowledge and energy.

Today when one finds that for 200 jobs in DRDO over 1 Lakh engineers applied and for a bank with 1100 jobs gets over 10 Lakh applications including B.Techs and MBA, Rashmi is on way to become an entrepreneur and create jobs in place of searching/applying for jobs.

Piyush and Rashmi are every thing that I am + want to be.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hi, This week we completed 24 years of marriage. During these 24 years, we have gone thru various phases - state of extreme love and affection to the extreme hatred and anger towards each other.

We started our married life on Sep 22,1985. With a low cost marriage on a sunday afternoon, my mom was very upset as few of my Mama's and Massi's skipped the marriage function due to some dispute with my parents.

Initial few years were tough, there were financial problems, my rigid ideas about religion and dowry, my focus on work and my hobby of reading books and electronics development were not very conducive for love and affection.

My mother completed her life in Feb 1987 due to high blood pressure. She was in hospital for around 3 months.

We moved to a rented accommodation. Geeta was pregnant and we had no money for backup. Geeta resigned from her job as a teacher in Manav Sthali School and we managed on a monthly salary of Rs 3600/-.

Upasana was born on July 22nd,1987 in a 'five star' nursing home with airconditioned room, color TV and a large double door fridge. We did not have either of these at our home. Thanks to medical expense reimbursement policy of DCM Data Products, we were able to afford this luxury.

I visited Hongkong twice in connection to my part time work. Upasana was growing and we enjoyed her activities. Extra money from part time work allowed us few luxeries like a 14" color TV and frequent holidays to Massoori, Hardiwar, Shimla and few more places.

In 1990, I changed job and moved to PCL at a salary of Rs 6,000/- per month. I was able to get some part time work. I designed two software packages for a 5 star hotel and ASIC for a computer printer.

In 1992, I got a job at INTECON (same company for whom I designed ASIC) and shifted to Noida at a salary of 15k per month. I bought a second hand moped and learned driving it. Travelling on our own conveyance gave us lot of freedom and enjoyment. My part time work continued and I kept on making few thousands every month extra.

In 1995, I designed a set top converter. That got me good money in Lakhs, I bought a second hand fiat, A two bed room flat and of course a mobile phone. Geeta took care of interiors at our home and it was model flat in our colony. Almost every day we had a walk-in visitor who wanted to look at our home, wood work etc..

In 1996, Intecon closed down and I started my design work on a full time basis. This was the best period.We had money, love, growth and happiness in our life.

In 1998, Geeta suffered from sever back-pain and we had to move to a rented accommodation. One of my design on CALLER ID became instant hit and I earned again few lakhs. I bought air conditioned SANTRO car. This car changed our life and we travelled long distance to Haridwar, Rishikesh, Sariska, Ludhiana by road.

Dimpi and Abhijit joined my company as trainee, Very soon they were part of our family.

In 2003, we shifted to JSS Incubator. Our profits kept on increasing. I did not know at that time, But now I realise that the earnings made me an arrogant and rude persons.

We bought our first luxury car HONDA CITY in Jan 2004.

Things started going down the drain and I started loosing business, money and on top of it love and intimacy at home.

Between 2004 to 2008, it was a dark period of our life, Geeta decided to kill herself, I decided to divorce her and we had bitter fights regularly. This further affected our business. We lost all love, intimacy and peace.

Vijay, my younger brother suffered from Pancreatites and Heart Problems. He was able to recover thanks to his will-power. Despite his health problems, he performed well at his office and was able to reach to a high(est) level in his office.

In Aug 2006, I attended Landmark Education's program called Landmark Forum. The three days spent there opened my eyes and I could see my mistakes. However realising mistakes did not solve any real world problems. Geeta and Upasana also participated in landmark programs. However slowly and gradually, period of love and intimacy started increasing and fights and anger reduced.

Landmark taught us that every thing is possible, just declare what you want, work for it and you will get it - no small print or conditions apply.

I declared some targets - one was to let go of my anger towards my mama and mami not attending my marriage. Geeta supported me fully and very soon, we re-created our relations with Mama and Mami, our cousins and their kids. We spoke with Suparna in Sep 2006 almost 20 years after her marriage and met Neerja in Jan 2007 and her cute little princesses, Neha and Vritti, first time in June 2007.

Geeta also re-created her relations with her younger sister in Oct 2006. Both of them particiapted in Landmark Forum and Geeta gave up her anger towards her sister and today there is lot of love and affection between sisters.

In Jan 2008, Maggie came and joined our family. She contributed unconditional love in our family and became darling of all of us including our neighbours. Now to all kids we are 'Maggie ke Papa and Mummy' and not 'Tau and Tai'.

In July 2008, I shifted to Amity Innovation Incubator. My business profits started increasing and by March 2009, we are clear of all debts. During next few months, we made some extra money and kept it safe as buffer stock. Upasana joined MA (Psychology) in Kurukshetra. She was happy in doing what she wanted.

Dad completed his life on Aug 8,2008 after remaining unconscious for few weeks due to (probably) his sugar level falling very low . As per his wishes he was cremated at Indraprastha, a small village near Bhuj, Gujrat. I spent few days at the village after cremation. We also donated his eyes and other organs.

Geeta started working for half day from home and his earnings increase to 15k per month soon. She also controls all the finance of my business and visits my office once or twice every week. She remain busy, happy and excited. She spend all his earnings on buying gold / jewellery.

Abhihit resigned from his job in May 2009 after working for almost 10 years with us. Dimpi also left the job some time in 2006, however she kept doing some part time work in between. She moved to Mumbai and then back to Gurgaon. Geeta and Dimpi have developed a good bond and keep on sharing lot. Hardik (Dimpi's son) has developed a good bond with me and during his last visit to our home, declared his desire to change his name to Hardik Vinay.

In Aug 2009, we shifted back to our home. Again Geeta worked hard on interiors and renovated our home. IT IS LOVELY, BEAUTIFUL and FULL OF LOVE, HAPPINESS AND INTIMACY.

Now we are looking forward to Sep 2010 when we will be completing 25 years of marriage.

Have faith in Love and Truth. Give 100% to your partner. Nothing matters more than Love and Happiness.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Tere Sang" first day first show

This thursday all three of us (Me, Geeta and Upasana) saw movie "Tere Sang"

Manoj Mittal who co-produced this movie invited Upasana and her parents for a premier of the movie at Spice Mall, Noida. Upasana was his coach at Self Expression and Leadership Program.

Upasana was thrilled at a chance to meet Ruslaan. After seeing him and the others from the movie, we found Anupam Kher much smarter than Ruslaan.

We enjoyed the movie, free snacks and drinks, meeting the star cast including sweet Sheena in bright red dress.

In 1982, when I spent over two years learning about various aspects of Human Psychology, I became firm beliver that "kids need love and mother more than money" and "that sex education starts at home".

This movie talked about both the issues and also raised a new issue of "LAW OF THE NATURE vs LAW OF THE LAND".


Do watch this movie. It is worth the time and money. Do take your kids (or parents) along with you.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

I did not succeed in entering second round of ET Power of Ideas

My name did not appear in ET Power of Ideas, second list where 254 out of 1000 were selected. The sad part was that I knew it about it as soon as my qualifying telephonic interview with Ranjeet Shastri of IAN completed.
Reason - Over confidence. I did not do any mock before the disucssion and was very casual.

I also could see a patter where I easily cross initial hurdels and then loose interest and become careless in most of the deals.

Any way, this was a good lesson learned hard way. So my commitment is to be serious and remain serious and won over 90% of deals

Discussion on Cleantech @ TiE

On Friday May 15,2009 I attended a two hours discussion at Mr Swarup's residence (TiE Charter Member) at Vasant Vihar.

Geetika of TiE modertaed it and Ashok Das (Sun Moksha, Banglore) was the key speaked. he already has a SIG at TiE, Banglore and head a company on solar technology. He shared about his views on govt policies, future of cleantech and wide meaning of clean tech.

Other participents that I met included Anil Garg(AGM Marketing) Hero Electricals. He shared how poor govt policies has resulted in poor sales of Electrical Bikes in India where only 2L bikes has been sold till date again china which has electrical bikes in millions becuase of Govt Support Policies.

I also met Dolly Bhasic of SPH Consultancy and Services. She knew a lot about BEE and lot of information about Govt Tenders.

Bharat Shrama Technical Director of Vin Industies (also a landmark graduate) talked about his vision of using Cowdung to produce power at villages. He has roots in Rajasthan where his ancestors had large herds of cows and he plan to use Go-shala as source of cow-dung and set up small electrical stations.

Rilka from Austraila who head Indian office of Beyond Business Connections, Anil Srivastava of Global Economic Advantage Pvt Ltd, Pranet Gupta of Booz&Co, Shiv Walia of Mauryan Capital Advisors are few more persons that I met.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I made a presentation on FICCI Seminar

On April 27th, I made a presentation at FICCI seminar on IPR and INNOVATION - A Way forward for SME.

Presentation focussed on my experience  about making progress using innovative ideas and how IPR can help protect innovations and result in sustained profits.

Just for records I have files three patents and applied for trade mark "Joy-n-Freedom"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

CII-DIPP seminar on World Intellectual Property Day on April 26,2009

I attended half day seminar at Le-Meridian, New Delhi on April 26,2009. It was worth getting up early on sunday morning. Drive was easy as there was not much traffic on the road and morning tea and lunch were added benfits.

This was organised by DIPP and CII and talked about what showcasing India's IPR initiatives, achievements & its importance in shaping the Nation's future.

The key focus was simple. IPR are going to be here and  profits and growth  need  protection of your IPR.  

CII also felicitated following individuals/companies in different area. 

  • Hindustan Unilever got award for getting over 300 patents granted last year (over 300).
  • Reliance Industry got award for getting maximum brand names registerd.
  • Bill Clair, Pune got award for innovative packaging for pharma industry
  • Venkat Reddy of Andhra Pradesh got award for grassroot development for patenting novel method of improving soil fertility and getting this patented in multiple countries.
Speakers included following persons

  • Ramesh Adiage - Chairman CII Task Force on IP Policy and ED Ranbaxy Lab
  • NN Prasad - Jt Secretary DIPP
  • JM Khanna - Ex Director Jubilant Organosys Ltd
  • Dr T Ramasami - Secretary,DST
  • R Saha - Member CII National Committee of IP Owners, TIFAC
  • Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul - Delhi High Court  

I interacted with some persons and learned few new things.

Anjan Das (senior Director CII and Head - Technology, Innovation, IPR and Life Sciences) who talked about GITA which can help individual innovators. He invited me to learn about it and even visit CII to meet him.

Dr Nitin Deshpande (Patent Attorney - Registered Patent Agent, Unilever Research Banglore). He takes care of patents by Unilever group.

Ridhima Dhar from She said that she works for Business Development for her company.  Her company takes care of patent drafting and other  IPR related service.

Dr Monika Shukla(consultant)  and Mr D.N.Verma(Vice President-Legal) from Sanshadow Consultants Pvt Ltd)

Siddharth Kumar (Journalist with PTI) . I shared with him about my innovation on traffic lights. He promised that he will be doing a story on this.

Somanth Chowdhury (Consultant). He was tech editor with EFY 2 years back and published my articles on Vending Machine. (See my visual CV for article). I also discussed with him about suggesting some one who can work with me on profit sharing basis for embedded development.

Srikanta K Panigrahi (Director General Carbon Minis India, ex Director -Planning Commission).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Creativity and Innovation Workshop" organised by FICCI and Economic Times

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. 

ET and FICCI organised a seminar on Creativity and Innovation called "IDEA CLOCK". The faculty was Pravin Rajpal  (Author, Coach and Thought Leader).  He has written two excellent books "ACHIEVING BUSINESS EXCELLENCE" and "5  THINKINGS TO WIN"

The workshop started with a 2 minute video clip of JAN GAN MAN tune and it set the tone of the program. That 2 minute clip changed the mood, there was excitement and I just kept all pending issues on back of the the mind and focussed on the presentations and discussed.
During next six hours, we got present to ways to be creative and innovative.
At 11k+ taxes this was pretty expensive but end result was worth the price.
During the workshop I met following persons

  • Dr Arun Kumar - Reader, M Com, D Phil at Motilal Nehru Institute of Research & Business Administration, University of Allahabad.
  • Saurabh Srivastava, Dy Manager Engineering, Research and Development, Maruti Suzuki Limited, 
  • Prashant Bammi GM Manufacuring GROZ ENGINERRING TOOLS (P) LTD
  • Rohit Rajpal, Sr Executive, Karnal Agricultural Industries Limited
  • Sunil Chandra, Director, Pentagon Impex International

All the participants also got a software program called IDEA CLOCK. This is a clock with lot of innovative ideas.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I filed my third patent on April 18,2009

I filed my third patent on Cable TV Network Management on April 18,2009. This patent was drafted by Pooja Bhatia ( a qualified team member of sanshadow. This company has created technical documents for SUKAM, IIT Roorkee, IIT Delhi and recently over 50 patents for Amity.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Samsung Vs An engineer from Madurai in Patent Case

An engineer from Madurai filed a patent for DUAL SIM CARD long time back. He was granted the patent last year. This year he filed a case that resulted in all imports of dual sim card phones getting held at airport.

Chennai High Court has rejected the SAMSUNG petition.  Engineer from Madurai has demanded a royalty of Rs 35/- per piece from importers.

I am not sure what will be the outcome, yet it shows that Indians are getting aware of IP rights and taking actions to protect it.

See the complete articles in Economic Times March 23,2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why India is still a poor country and what can you do about it

Here is what I think about why India is a third world country -

Do not protect our knowledge and skills - Last year total of 28940 patents were filed. Out of this 23626 (82%)  were foreign applicant and 5314 (18%) were Indian applicant.  So you can fairly guess who is going to make money by launching  innovative products. (data from annual report of Indian patent office as picked up from their offical website

2. Do not spend time and money on learning  if you go to buy a magazine from local market, you will find at least 5 magazines on astrology, multiple magazines on Films, few magazines on current events, few soft porn magazines. Ask for science magazine and he will say that Indian edition of "Scientific American" will be available only on order.  Times of India stopped publishing "Science Today" long time back. "Scientific American" started Indian as well as few more edition.  "Science Reporter" published by CSIR, Govt Deptt is still available at few and very limited books shops. "Down to Earth" published by CSE (famous for their report for Pesticide in Cola's) is also available rarely on local books shops.
3. Do not have Govt that support innovation  USA has 1200 Technology Incubators, China has 600. India has 44 Technology incubators. Almost all US States has "Association of Business Incubators" as each state has multiple business incubators. India has only one "Business Incubator Association".

4. Do not take risk - Most of us still believe in "Getting a job" and not in "Generating a job"

So, get ready and do some thing today and evert day to make your country progress. Every thing start by declaration. Make a declaration today. 

Best Wishes.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Second patent and application for grant under TePP

On Jan 6th, I filed for my second patent on "TRAFFIC SIGNAL FAULT MONITORING AND REPORTING".

This was done online, ie created documents, digitally signed using class III digital signatures procured from TCS and paid thru SBI net banking.

Idea for this patent came when I saw a news article on Dec 12th in Times of India and saw a good potential of converting my skills and knowledge into a commercial product. I am also in process of applying for grant from Ministry of Science and Technology which provide grant of upto 60L for entrepreneur under TePP scheme. Dr A S Rao heads this deptt. He also maintains a blog.