Sunday, November 22, 2009

First Impact of Brain Science Program

During the seminar, I learned that our future actions are based on results of past actions.

I could see that in the past I managed to get results even when I was not punctual or did not do complete work in my office. The reason is that almost all of people in our life do not confront when we lie. (popularly known as diplomacy).

This results in poor efficiency / productivity as we also tend to accept their lies.

So our seminar leader gave us some exercises (home work) and result was that I managed to double up the work last week. My team (and one customer) was really impressed.

Stay tuned. I will be posting more results from this seminar.

Brain Science and its importance in our life

I have joined a 10 week long seminar talking about brain science and design of our life. I have already attended sessions for 2 weeks and 8 more are to go.

During the seminar, we are taught about AMYGDALA, a part of the brain that hijacks your body when you face a threatening situation. (read  more on wikipedia). Fox example when you touch a hot surface or some one comes in front of your car while driving, this parts ensures you take quick action.

NEURONS, there are billions of them and they are ones who perform complex job like looking at face of some one and identifying his as your old buddy or even looking at small child and quickly identifying with some one know to you.

This knowledge is used by psychologist and psychiatrists / doctors for treatment of patients.

For me (and other 80 persons who are with me in this group) this seminar is to increase knowledge and create more fun, efficiency, productivity and health  in life.

Stay tuned and I will be sharing some benefits on this blog.