Friday, December 31, 2010

Poor Customer Support of Bajaj Electricals Limited

Based on the general perception I assumed Bajaj Electricals to be a good company with good systems. This image was shattered when I bought an expensive Water Storage Geyser from a Bajaj Dealer in Noida.

It failed within 10 days . However being an engineer and product designer, I simply attributed this to a normal random failure. However in last 12 days they have done following
  1. Visited my home five times
  2. Changed Thermostat Twice
  3. Changed Thermal Cut out Once
  4. Changed complete geyser once
To my horror I found following issues with their systems

  • Bajaj Electricals is a trader, They are simply importing geysers from China and selling locally. This was an imported product made by some Chinese company. 
  • Bajaj has a national toll free service number 1800-22-2252. This is printed boldly on a sheet where they list all locations and service centers address and local numbers. Noida is missing in that list.  Call to this number and they reply that this number is only for Mumbai. Do not know what 'National' word means in Bajaj.
  • Any way national service center gave me Noida service number and they informed me that they will attend the complain after 48 hours.
  • I was not convinced and logged on to their website and looked for email or online chat. There was an icon for chat, Clicked on chat and it asked for sending a message. We have sent it and still waiting for reply.
  • I could find a 'Query form" and sent message via that. Still waiting for reply.
  • Noida service center gave me email id of Mr Anurag mail was sent to him on 23rd Dec, Still remain unanswered (he informed me on Dec 31st that his UPS is bad for last 10 days and so he has not been able to check emails)
  • SMS sent to Mr Anurag (9818894466) remain unanswered. He says he does not have time to check SMSes. 
  • The model that I bought is not even listed on their website (they do have other six models listed there)

Bajaj's website and their geysers are BETA versions. I am really upset on my choice.