Friday, April 30, 2010

Three Kind of Lions - Jungle, Circus and Zoo

Lion of Circus - He gets good food and good grooming every day. In lieu of that he need to follow the instruction of his ring master, perform every day and keep every one including his owner, ring master and viewers happy. In case of any illness, circus owner takes care of all medical assistance also. However the day circus owner finds that he is beyond useful life and even medical treatment will not help him perform in shows, he is discarded, killed or sold. Also in case circus goes into losses or a Govt regulations ban it, it is problems for the lion of circus.

Lion of Zoo - He gets good food for all life and also medical treatment. He is relaxed and need not perform for most of his life. There is no ring master. However he is in cage. Every one is afraid of him, even when he is in cage, however he has no real power. There is no risk of Govt Ban or losses as usually zoo are govt funded. They get lot of support, food, water, comfort in all conditions. Any adverse situations like hot weather and you find coolers being organised for them. Lions in zoo can not pro-create. Some experiments to create jungle like conditions for pro-creations have been done with almost zero success rate.

Lion of Jungle  - He is free and do what he wish to do. However he needs to hunt for the food every day. There is no safety and security. However statistics says that he does not face any real issues in real life and manage to find food every day and is usually more healthy and happy and usually gets more and better quality of food than the ones in zoo and circus. Well there are some problems and they are usually very serious as he has to manage every thing on his own.

Govt or Public have started supporting lions in the jungle. With every passing year, support is increasing as almost every one ie Govt and Public realizes that Zoo and Circus can not sustain with out the lion in the jungle. He is the one who creates every thing including wealth for Zoo and Circus. He is the ALPHA MALE. The recent ads from AIRCEL on "save the tigers" is one such example of Public/Media efforts to support lions in Jungle.

Almost all lions from Zoo and Circus envy Lion from Jungle. They also want to go back to the nature  and have fun, but do not have guts or opportunities. They do talk about about safety and security at circus or Zoo.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

teaching 'simple electronics' to St. Gregorios School, Dwarka

Hi, on April 26,2010 I conducted a 4 hours training workshop on electronics for class IX students of a School in Dwarka. This was just next to Metro Station of Sector 11.

There were 21 students and five team members and all of us enjoyed and learned. For me it was a really great experience of  interacting with students. It was after 35 years that I spent over 4 hours in a physics lab.

For four hours session, it took me total of three days, preparing electronic kits, some documentation and lot of communication.

The team included Gurpawan Mand of Cool Junk and two engg students Swati and Pankaj from Ludhiana College of Engg, Punjab, Parul Jain, an Instrumentation Engg from NSIT.

I think we enjoyed (Students, Pankaj, Swati, Gurpawan and me)  it together and infected each other with our excitement, energy and enthusiasm.

A student has sent following mail at end of the session and that says it all 

Sir ,

Today We enjoyed a lot . It was very very very very..................very very very.................... much interesting . I learnt a lot . Thank you very much .

Sripada Chaitanya
IX - 'B'
St. Gregorios School 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why some people are more lucky and get what they want

Well there are two ways that one can live the happy life. Ordinary way and Extra-ordinary way.

Ordinary way
if I  have Lot of Money or Exciting holidays or Wonderful Spouse or Peace of mind or .....

Then I will work with 100% confidence

And finally I will be  happy.

Extra ordinary way
I will be Happy

I will work the way a happy and excited persons works - Give 100%  to the work that I do.

Get what I want - Money - Exciting holidays -Wonderful Spouse - Peace and .....

Check out the following link and know why some people are more lucky

Disha 2010 Presentation on Entrepreneurship Jan'10 -- Indus Khaitan

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