Sunday, May 4, 2008

Delay at Airport

Hi All,

let me share one more incident where I used 90/10 principle and got results.

In last week of April 08, my customer asked me to go to lucknow and attend to a serious problem in one of the elevator installed at NABARD building. I am called at the last moment when situation is about to explode or already exploded and every one is looking for magic solution. 

I reached Delhi airport at 6 AM as flight was scheduled to leave  at 8 AM. There was unusually heave rush at Indian(now Air India) counter. I stood in queue number 23 with around 15 people in front of me. Minutes passed by and queue moved very slowly. It appears that computer systems were very slow and this was causing delay and hence long queue. To top it up, most of the passengers were arguing with The After over one hour, my turn came. Standing in the queue for one hour, I was tired and under pressure thinking about problem at lucknow.

Well when I handed over my ticket  to the lady at the counter, I smiled, wished her a good morning and gave her my ticket printout. The worst happened and their was total breakdown of the system. Nothing happened for next five minutes. The gentleman at next counter started complaining about the delay at his counter. The lady must have said something and then more arguments and hot words started between the lady at the counter and the passenger.

I told the lady at my queue counter that her job is really tough and she is really wonderful to remain cool and calm in such an atmosphere. Finally I got my boarding pass after waiting for 15 minutes. I left after thanking her and appreciating at her patience. The man standing behind me commented that How can I thank her 10 times even while waiting for such a long time.  I smiled and moved for security check.

I do not know about others, but I was cool, calm and relaxed even after standing in queue for one hour. After all what happens in my life is controlled by me and not be computer system of air india.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Below is my wish list/target/plan for next six months

  • Go on vacations / trek to Valley of flowers or some where in uttranchal as per choice of all in family.
  • Live life as to keep wife/daughter happy
Project Joy-n-Freedom
  • Spend five hours every week in training slum kids.
  • Create two projects for physically disabled persons
  • Have lights in at least 20 homes in remote areas/villages
Personal Fun/Enjoyment
  • have 10 times more money in bank account, buy a pent house, switch to iPhone, fly first class in kingfisher.
  • (You can't see this - censored by Geeta and Upasana) , goto elevate at least once.
  • Be a major player in Traffic/Solar segment, Sign up with a one new customer every month, find a team leader for delhi office. Start Mumbai, Jullandhar and Yamuna nagar office. Increase turn over to 3X

Stay tuned. Will keep on posting the results on this blog.

Do post your comments/ideas


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

new business partnership with Anil Kaicker (My CA)

I have been facing problems in my business and sales are not growing for last 2 years. In fact last year sales dropped by around 30%. While my customers are happy with the products, I have not been able to scale up.

Mr Raghunandan, CEO of incubator where I spent three years, advised me to have a mentor or a partner with financial and/or management background. However I never understood the importance of it and never bothered to look for a mentor or ask for financial/management advise.

I shared my financial problems with everyone including my CA. Recently on April 10,2008 when I shared with him that I am working on solar based projects, he also expressed his interest in the solar based products.   He proposed starting a new partnership firm for solar based products.

I agreed for it immediately. Things moved at hectic speed. He bought stamp paper, got a partnership deed made. We sat down and and signed it on April 14th.

Today on April 15th,2008, we met again along with a prospective reseller. I demonstrated a sample of the unit to him and to prospective reseller. Anil discussed with me about marketing plan including the immediate mailer campaign.

It was clear to me that I missed the marketing aspect of all my products.

We are on the job and lets see the results.

I am clear that I have been a bloody idiot all these years.

Will keep you updated about the progress.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Experience with Delhi Traffic Police - Challan/Ticket for using Mobile while driving

Today afternoon, I was going to meet my CA. Baljeet, my driver was on leave and so I was driving the car myself. I received a phone call when I was near Ashram Chowk. I picked up the call and started talking in handsfree mode. The call from Manoj, A potential customer and so I continued talking.

In few minutes, I was on Lajpat Nagar flyover and saw a police can in my rear view mirror and the police man waving me. Well, I pulled my car on the side, switched on blinker, shut off the engine and came out. The police van also stopped behind my car.

I went to the police man sitting next to driver, gave him a smile, did not utter a word and gave him my license. He smiled back and asked for the RC (Registration Certificate). I got the thick envelop from the car containing all documents, searched and found the RC and gave him the copy.

Police man asked me if I would like to pay penalty in cash or appear before Judge later on where I can plead ignorance. He informed me that penalty is Rs 1500/-

I said that I was talking on the phone,so there is no question of denying here or in front of judge, however as I do not have sufficient cash, I will appear before the judge.

The police man asked me if I have Rs 600/- then he can reduce the penalty and make challan only for that amount. I checked and wallet and said that yes, I have Rs 600/-. Police person made the recipt, gave me a copy, collected Rs 600/- from me.

I thanked him and said that this will ensure that I wont talk while driving in future.

The police man smiled and said it is okay. He said that he was pleased by my cool behavior and thats why they fined me for driving without seat belt(which carries less penalty) and not for using mobile while driving.

In all I found this interaction with them very good, there was no tension and pressure, no demand for bribe. The police men were polite, courteous and professional.

So what has been your experience with Delhi Police?