Monday, December 21, 2009

National Animal of India - Tiger or Mouse

Let me share a small even that happened around 16 years back.

It was a sunday afternoon in the month of November in Delhi. Me, Geeta and Upasana were going to Pragati Maidan in a auto-rickshaw. We were enjoying the  chilly winter after noon with a warm Sun and a pollution free area of Delhi Cantt.  All of us were looking forward to fun and care free enjoyment at Pragati Maidan.

And then we saw a bicycle rider suddenly turning to right and a fast moving truck applying brakes.  Truck had hit the bicycle rider and then hit a tree on central verge. Both truck driver and cycle driver were badly hurt but conscious.

People stopped and watched the accident scene but no body offered any help to the accident victims. I with the help of auto-rickshaw driver moved them to the vehicle we were traveling in  (that is auto-rickshaw) and asked Geeta to move to Pragati Maidan along with Upasana and we went to near by army base hospital.

After some time,  Geeta and Upasana also reached Base Hospital courtesy another good samaritan. We moved out after giving our name and address and feeling happy.

Few days later, an army major visited us to thank us as the bicycle rider was a army jawan.

Almost every one with whom we shared this incident advised me not to help accident victims. The logic of well-wishers was simple - it is a bad world, your daughter and wife need protection and care.

My logic was also simple - I want my daughter to be a TIGER and not a MOUSE. And they only way is to be TIGER myself. 

Since then, every time I see an accident victim, I stop and help to best of my resources. My well wishers keep telling me not to do it.

So What has been your experience. Do you find people around you take the role of TIGER or MOUSE when faced with a crisis. Share your views.

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