Friday, August 31, 2012

RaspberryPi and Children of Nithari - at Electronics Rocks 2012

I presented a talk at Nimhans Convention Centre, Bangalore on 30th August about Raspberry Pi and Children of Nithari. EFY will be uploading the video soon. In the mean time here is the copy of presentations. The presentation was to show how raspberry pi can create a possibility of fun and earning for these students. It was not just earning money but adding lot of fun, pride and confidence using latest technology and brand new computers....

(More about Nithari is at and

(Note - Presentation has been updated with more information and is different from the original presentation)

Electronics Rocks 2012 @ Nimhans Convention Center, Banglore -

Electronics For You organised an event for electronics students and professionals at Bangalore "Electronics Rocks 2012" on Aug 30th and 31st.

I presented a 20 minute talk about how raspberry pi can be used by students to learn computers and programming. 

Apart from this I also participated in a one hour panel discussion about which  micro controller board is suitable for hobbyists. Other participants included persons from Freescale, Xilinx and Element14.

Presentation copy is here and 20 minute video has been recorded by EFY and is yet to be shared online.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nithari Kids Playing and Learning with Raspberry-Pi

I started playing with raspberry-pi along with students of Nithari Village in Noida. It has been real fun and enjoyment. Check out some of the pics here...

And also see an article in LiveMint which talks about raspberry pi and mention me at

Monday, August 13, 2012

Which Controller to Use and Why?

I have worked on various controllers and processors - starting  from 8080 and 8048. Technology keeps improving with time and next design is always better in performance, speed, on board peripherals and usually lowers in cost. Also software tools keeps improving.

As on Aug 2012 - I am working on Arduino and STM8 for 8 bits, PIC32 for 32 bits and STM32F4 for Arm Cortex M4 and Raspberry Pi for embedded Linux based designs. The reason is easy availability of devices, low cost tools, better support and of course excellent tools with built in libraries.

Today, I do not focus on hardware but on software tools. New software tools with built in libraries offer reduce time to market. Of course, I do not understand every thing about the product. Well, I do not need to as my target is to deliver product and not the library.

Only if you need to develop library, you need to go thru the internal and details of device.

See the comments of various design professionals in Aug 2012 issue of EFY.