Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why India is still a poor country and what can you do about it

Here is what I think about why India is a third world country -

Do not protect our knowledge and skills - Last year total of 28940 patents were filed. Out of this 23626 (82%)  were foreign applicant and 5314 (18%) were Indian applicant.  So you can fairly guess who is going to make money by launching  innovative products. (data from annual report of Indian patent office as picked up from their offical website

2. Do not spend time and money on learning  if you go to buy a magazine from local market, you will find at least 5 magazines on astrology, multiple magazines on Films, few magazines on current events, few soft porn magazines. Ask for science magazine and he will say that Indian edition of "Scientific American" will be available only on order.  Times of India stopped publishing "Science Today" long time back. "Scientific American" started Indian as well as few more edition.  "Science Reporter" published by CSIR, Govt Deptt is still available at few and very limited books shops. "Down to Earth" published by CSE (famous for their report for Pesticide in Cola's) is also available rarely on local books shops.
3. Do not have Govt that support innovation  USA has 1200 Technology Incubators, China has 600. India has 44 Technology incubators. Almost all US States has "Association of Business Incubators" as each state has multiple business incubators. India has only one "Business Incubator Association".

4. Do not take risk - Most of us still believe in "Getting a job" and not in "Generating a job"

So, get ready and do some thing today and evert day to make your country progress. Every thing start by declaration. Make a declaration today. 

Best Wishes.

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