Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who is a coach - watch this video to know

A coach is some one who asks you to do some thing that you do not want to do so that you can be what you want to be.

Write back your comments about what you learned from this movie clip and why you love or hate this clip.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


On Oct 20th, ET Now covered GVC Systems products and a small interview with me in its program called STARTING UP.

click on you tube

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Meeting scientists from Agriculture Institute

Yesterday two scientists from IARI visited our incubator from IARI.

Mr J P Saxena, principal scientist and incharge for Institute Technology Management Unit and Dr Pramod Kumar ,Senior Scientist and PI(Zonal Technology Management and Business Planning and Developement Unit).

They saw the various products designed by GVC related to Delhi Metro, Traffic Lights, Home white goods and security products. We also discussed with them about a design started by GVC for agriculture irrigation.

We also discussed about our interest in developing electronic controllers for Agriculture Field and a visit to IARI was fixed for next week beginning.

So very soon, you will see a GVC designed products in farms and villages.

So stay tuned and keep observing what's new at GVC

Sunday, October 4, 2009

meeting entreprenuers over dinner

We invited Rashmi (co-founder Abhyas labs) and Piyush (co-founder Routeguru) for dinner this week end.

Rashmi is a student of final year B Tech Electronics from Lovely Professional University. Still she is full of ideas on how to set up an entreprise and guts and courage to go ahead and start Abhyaslabs. As part of abhyas labs, she is organising training events at various colleges. I met Rashmi during SLD3 (Startup Lunch Delhi 3).

Piyush is an entrepreneur and has been working on a wonderful concept of providing directions via SMS and Web (mobile as well as from PCs). He is a good speaker and when he deliveres a talk on stage, you can't do any thing but to listen to him with full attention, He can speak for hours on entrepreneurship, why to join startups or webdesigning and every one in the audi will be impressed with his knowledge and energy.

Today when one finds that for 200 jobs in DRDO over 1 Lakh engineers applied and for a bank with 1100 jobs gets over 10 Lakh applications including B.Techs and MBA, Rashmi is on way to become an entrepreneur and create jobs in place of searching/applying for jobs.

Piyush and Rashmi are every thing that I am + want to be.