Monday, January 18, 2010

Maggie's 2nd Birthday

Two years back on Jan 18,2008 Maggie came into our home and hearts.  I still remember that day. Upasana declared that she has selected a small little cute puppy and will bring her home. It was a very cold day. Maggie was shivering with cold and looked very sad. I told Geeta that she is upset as she is away from her mother.   Geeta looked at small kid away from her mother for first time  and felt motherly love. She took maggie into her arms and started crying with joy. That night none of us slept properly. We were checking Maggie after every few minutes.  Our life is no longer same.  She prefer sleeping on my chest with my arms covering her body.  For last 2 years, she is the source of unconditional love and affection in our family.  She is popular in our neighborhood with all kids. She is invited in all birthday parties. All small children in our locality who used to call us "Taya Ji and Tai Ji" now call us "Maggie ke Papa and Maggie ki Mummy".  She is real  Joy-n-Freedom  for us. We wish her a long and happy life.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

No Past, No Future, Only Present

My last seminar ( Wed, Jan 6th,2009) on INVENTED LIFE was rocking. Ritu Shri, our coach explained in so simple ways that there is no past or future just the present.

She said that our past memories are simply neurons firing now and our hopes for future are nothing but neurons firing now. She explained that when we fear, it is nothing but our neurons firing and then we do not take action.

I could make our why people do drugs or indulge in alcohol, well it simply suppresses neurons firing.

I also learned that we do not take action due to fear.  And it is possible to take action despite fear.  Just take action.

Now about results,  how this seminar helped me in my business -

I usually do not approach potential customers or ask for payment upfront from my existing customers. I always fear that they may not buy my services or think I am greedy or short of money or does not have trust on them. During the seminar I saw that this is not real but just my neurons firing due to some old events.

On 6th late night, I emailed one of my customer that I am not interested in working with him, till he clear all my pending payments. I prefer relaxing than working and keep chasing for payments.

On next morning (Jan 7th,2009) I picked up the phone and called one of my prospective customers and asked for  a meeting. I met him, invited to my office, make a presentation. I told him that business will start with an advance payment.

On Jan 9th, both of them have made payment to me.

What next
I will be sending proposal to two more customers in this week. Will post the results next sunday.

This seminar has also helped me in my personal life. More about that in my next post.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Three Idiots - A wonderful Movie

Last week me and Geeta went for a afternoon show of Three Idiots. Like other two movies of Rajkumar Hirani, This also touched our hearts.

I cried a lot, laughed at few scenes and overall enjoyed the few hours at AUDI 4 at  SPICE MALL, Noida with Geeta. During intermission we had large pack of popcorn.

Few things in our life matched with the movie characters.

Upasana  switched to Post Graduation in Psychology after completing her graduation in Electronics. She is the only one in her class with no prior experience while all other students studied Psychology for 3 to 5 years (3 years in graduation and few students also studied Psychology in +2) and is rank holder.

Geeta had gone thru a difficult phase in life and then she re-started her life with full energy.

I lost every penny, did not give up and after a bad financial phase lasting for four years, again started earning profits.

Be it movie or our life or life of so many other people that we know of, one thing is common


Thursday, January 7, 2010

will be celebrating 25 years of marriage this year

I will be completing 25th marriage anniversary this year. Just wanted to share some of the photographs and my views.

I got married at the age of 24 years and was working with DCM Data Products . Geeta was 23 years old and was working as Maths teacher at Manav Stahli School.

I had ideas of low cost, no dowry marriage,. However Geeta's family wanted a normal conventional marriage.

Result was what you can see in the enclosed photographs, I was in normal clothes, no coat or tie, borrowed shoes from Vijay, there was no loud music from a band, no decorative lights at our home,  day marriage on a  sunday afternoon, no religious ceremonies at our home.

While Geeta was dressed like a bride and their family followed all religious ceremonies in their family.

After marriage we were literally a text book example from MAN ARE FROM MARS AND WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS.

However over last 25 years, we have learned the art of understanding the difference between people from mars and venus.

I have a question

We go thru pre-school, school and college and do lot of professional courses and learn every thing like English, Maths, Electronics, Engineering, Medicines, why not have formal class room training on personal relations and how to handle marriage?