Sunday, May 4, 2008

Delay at Airport

Hi All,

let me share one more incident where I used 90/10 principle and got results.

In last week of April 08, my customer asked me to go to lucknow and attend to a serious problem in one of the elevator installed at NABARD building. I am called at the last moment when situation is about to explode or already exploded and every one is looking for magic solution. 

I reached Delhi airport at 6 AM as flight was scheduled to leave  at 8 AM. There was unusually heave rush at Indian(now Air India) counter. I stood in queue number 23 with around 15 people in front of me. Minutes passed by and queue moved very slowly. It appears that computer systems were very slow and this was causing delay and hence long queue. To top it up, most of the passengers were arguing with The After over one hour, my turn came. Standing in the queue for one hour, I was tired and under pressure thinking about problem at lucknow.

Well when I handed over my ticket  to the lady at the counter, I smiled, wished her a good morning and gave her my ticket printout. The worst happened and their was total breakdown of the system. Nothing happened for next five minutes. The gentleman at next counter started complaining about the delay at his counter. The lady must have said something and then more arguments and hot words started between the lady at the counter and the passenger.

I told the lady at my queue counter that her job is really tough and she is really wonderful to remain cool and calm in such an atmosphere. Finally I got my boarding pass after waiting for 15 minutes. I left after thanking her and appreciating at her patience. The man standing behind me commented that How can I thank her 10 times even while waiting for such a long time.  I smiled and moved for security check.

I do not know about others, but I was cool, calm and relaxed even after standing in queue for one hour. After all what happens in my life is controlled by me and not be computer system of air india.

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