Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Below is my wish list/target/plan for next six months

  • Go on vacations / trek to Valley of flowers or some where in uttranchal as per choice of all in family.
  • Live life as to keep wife/daughter happy
Project Joy-n-Freedom
  • Spend five hours every week in training slum kids.
  • Create two projects for physically disabled persons
  • Have lights in at least 20 homes in remote areas/villages
Personal Fun/Enjoyment
  • have 10 times more money in bank account, buy a pent house, switch to iPhone, fly first class in kingfisher.
  • (You can't see this - censored by Geeta and Upasana) , goto elevate at least once.
  • Be a major player in Traffic/Solar segment, Sign up with a one new customer every month, find a team leader for delhi office. Start Mumbai, Jullandhar and Yamuna nagar office. Increase turn over to 3X

Stay tuned. Will keep on posting the results on this blog.

Do post your comments/ideas


1 comment:

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