Thursday, March 7, 2013

Celebration of 52nd birth day with Joy-n-Freedom

Completed 52 years of life. Beginning of the day with a morning walk, a cup of black tea with lime and excitement of the day ahead.

As an experienced person, I wish to share formula for remaining happy and healthy - DO WHAT YOU LOVE. LOVE WHAT YOU DO.  
One of my facebook friend asked me what I do that I love. So here is how I spent my day loving each and every activity -
  • Got up at 3 AM, worked on my laptop, check mails, sent replies and few mails to team and customers and vendor.
  • At 6 AM , went out for a 45 minute walk in park. enjoyed fresh air, little chill and darkness,
  • 6.45 AM - made a cup of black lemon tea with  enjoyed it with marie biscuits.
  • At 7 AM, me, Geeta and Maggie went to Mother Dairy for milk vegetables. 
  • Tasty paranthas by Geeta with butter for breakfast.
  • Office from 9 AM, work with team, one customer visit, few calls, some orders to vendors.
  • Visited Ambedker Polytechnic, Delhi. Met HOD and scheduled a guest lecture for final year electronics students on March 22nd.
  • Had annual eye check at iCare, Noida. Doctor Charu Tondan prescribed new eye glasses , some eye drops and confirmed that there are no symptoms of Diabetic Retina.
  • Paid for  cataract surgeries of two old poor patients for 8th March at iCare. 
  • and finally waiting for dinner at home with Upasana, Maggie, Geeta, Tarun, Vinay Ji, Verna Ji, Mohit, Manpreet Kaur and Srishti.
  • and then a good night sleep till next exciting day .....


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