Monday, July 16, 2012

Why I do not need vacations or how I keep blood pressure below 120/80

I was with my doctor today to get treatment for hair root infection. He checked my BP - it was 118/70. He complimented me on keeping same BP for last 15 years, even when as a true Punjabi, I enjoy lot of butter and pakoras ....

Well, here is what I do to keep low blood pressure and does not look forward to vacations or even a weekend -
  1. I work for 12 hours a day X 7 days a week on thing that I enjoy and make money.
  2. get royal welcome from maggie and a good smile from Geeta on reaching home, 
  3. spend three hours every week with saksham kids and see their smile and excitement. Spend some money and get lot of fun and enjoyment.
  4. get up in the morning when  maggie's starts licking my face, Spend 45 minutes in park walking and listening to the birds. 
  5. Have a library with books on Psychology, Management, Fiction, Sex and Religion. Spend more time and money on books than on TV.
  6. And live a life that I love.

Try it out and you may find that enjoying every day life is more addictive than any thing else you are addicted to ........


Dilin said...

This is so awesome, you seem to be living the dream Vinay!

Anonymous said...

Super prescription:-)

Unknown said...

Awesome big bro