Saturday, June 5, 2010

Training to Engg students at BPIT, Rohini

On June 2,2010 we started a six week training for Electronic and Communication Engineering students of fifth semester of BPIT college in Rohini, Delhi.

The unique feature os this training is efforts by Mr R.K.Tiwari (Training and Placement Officer) who wanted a training by a professional engineer who has hands on experience and not by a team of professional trainers who are in training business. It is rare to find people like Mr Tiwari.

On Day 2, we started with brief introduction of the training leader and the training team (that is me and my colleagues who actually work on development projects). After that we asked each of students to introduce themselves, tell the other students why they choose B Tech in ECE and what is their vision for future.

Well, it took over 2 hours and some very interesting comments came from students

One girl mentioned that she enjoyed the session learning about her class fellows dreams and desires. She was not aware that so many of them wants to be in civil service like her.

One girl shared that she enjoys teaching and supporting poor students and for a long time, she walks home from bus stop saving Rs 10/- on rickshaw ride and giving it to poor students of a press-wala near her home. 

One boy mentioned that his aim was to work hard and party harder. He is enjoying party harder but work hard is missing and result is three back papers.

Only 5% students have keen interest to pursue electronics. For rest of them it was Civil services, Lot of money, good job, job with lot of power. 

During last one hour of the class, we asked what project they wish to do in next six weeks. First project was suggested by me and another  32 projects suggested by students. I selected 16 of them which were feasible during six weeks and where resources were available.

Students voted for all sixteen and top six were selected for training. Sanya (one of the students) co-ordinated for this event.

For me this is a challenging task to create interest in electronics and ensure that this workshop is mixture of fun and excitement.

We closed the session at 12.00 noon with a promise to be on time at 9.00 AM on monday, June 7th,2010


Dimpi said...

Very new and challenging project for u sir. All the best.

Vinay Chaddha said...

Thanks Dimpi. The new and challenging jobs provide the real fun and excitement in life and keeps me motivated.

I start from home at 7am, reach back by 2 pm and then work till 9 pm for office work and next days job.

Saurabh said...

Its a good move by you and by the college. Now a days as most of the trainers are professional trainers they don't have the real industrial exposure, they are good in theory, but when making a complete project they are helpless. Designing needs more than theoretical knowledge.

I remember after by graduation i joined a reputed institute in Noida for a six month Industrial training program for 30K, they showed a huge list of modules at the time of joining. It took 6 month for me to write and burn a simple led on/off program on a microcontroller and another 2 and a half month to display my name on a LCD. It was a 6 month training program which ended only when most of my colleagues dropped off and i got a job(10 months from the date of joining), still some of the modules left untouched.
Now i realise that it was useless. I didn't got any profit from that training.

But i think that this will help students, not only it will save their parient's money but their time also.

Nitin kaushik said...

This is challenging for the students too sir. As for you sir, having an experience of more than 30 years in the field of electronics and making a remarkable reputation, still training is a new field...we students are just the the new buds in this electronics field, sir!
So, hoping to make these six weeks a big success with your cooperation, sir!

On the behalf of the whole class(As the class wont disagree me on what i just wrote),
Nitin Kaushik.

Anonymous said...

firstly i was thinking that maybe this training would be just a dry ...formal affair .... we would make a project get 1 credit for it and it ends there ,but thanks to your interactive nature we learn so much each day .... not just about electronics but about how to live our lives more satisfyingly .... the way you interact with the class .. it shows that you love your job .....

keep that spirit on sir

the happy last bencher
karan chadha

AshishBatra said...

Good move sir,
I wish I could be there to learn something new. If i would have been there at-least i could have been counted in 6% students (1% increase due to me) who are interested in electronics :)
All the best sir.